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I’m trying to teach myself how to paint but it’s tricky to know where to get a number of minis that have cool designs. These mystery boxes are pretty cheap and you get three fun minis! Some of them might be ones you’d never pick off the shelf, which makes them great to learn off. This sorceress mini is the first I’ve ever painted!


1 of 3 I ordered, quick delivery, fantastic finish and quality again. Painted it the day it arrived.


Ordered 3 minis, arrived within a couple of days. The quality of the models is fantastic, really well printed and finished.


I fell in love with this awesome little dude as soon as I saw him. The model is crisp, the detail is beautiful and the pose fairly unique. Just painting him up I've created a character I'm eager to play some day.

Excellent quality as always

Got Feydhil as part of a mystery box and loved the quality and the detail, painted him up and now he’s been on my table a couple of times during games!

Excellent minis!

Was sceptical at first because of the price but these are great minis! Loved painting this one!

Good model, with a minor flaw

This was my first purchase from the page, and the model is brilliantly detailed. It was a shame that he had a missing thumb.
Contacting customer support was easy, and I got a quick reply and replacement. When the replacement had the same issue, they very quickly issued a full refund.
The miniature itself is a 3 due to the issue, but the customer support is 5 stars, so 4 seems fair.
A hobbyist with no sculpting skills would probably be more upset than I was, but I've managed to somewhat rebuild the thumb, so I'm happy with the purchase and how well they've handled everything, and will definitely use their services again.

Great addition

Needed a couple of extra blitzers to beef up my human Bloodbowl team, great figures, got blitzer 1 and 3, great addition, they've painted up really well.

Going Outside

I love this chonky take on the classic Space Suit. It brings to mind the industrial style suits from the Alien universe. There's something minimalist and soviet about it, like the product of a space faring culture not quite on its game. Like it might just get you back to the ship in one piece. Maybe.

Whistling Dixie

Irvina comes to the party in a pair of Daisy Duke cut-offs, a Stetson and not much else. Oh yeah she's also rocking twin sawn-off scatter guns and that more than makes up for the lack of subtlety in other areas. She seems under dressed for Nuclear winter but she'll probably put some lead into anyone who says too much about it.

Sweet Pistol-toting Fashionista

This is such a special model featuring the dual wielding pose so desired and yet so rare. She's rocking some great threads too. The tank-top trench-coat combo is a sweet look but what really makes the model is the matching set of beautifully designed pistols.

Neat model

Nicely detailed, I'm looking forward to painting him! (Base coat already applied)

Great miniature, well produced and well designed

Received this guy really quickly, and he painted like a dream with minimal cleanup beforehand!

Mystery Scifi Goodness

Box came with 3 very well packed individually wrapped minis from a single sculpting house (Papsikels) all were very nicely printed and cleaned up with nothing to do but to glue them to a base before priming. They came with bases but I didmy own to fit in with my worlds. Ive had a few minis from now and not one of them has been bad in anyway.

Best quality

Another brilliant miniature, it almost feels wrong to purchase a miniature of this quality for so cheap a price, an absolute bargain! Top marks.

Best quality

Highly recommended miniature, the fine details on it are so clear defined, it is the perfect addition to my collection.

Best quality

Best quality detail, no clean up needed, no faults with the would have to pay a lot more money for miniatures of this quality on other stores! Top marks!

Fantastic value for money

I look forward to these boxes arriving every month!

I enjoy collecting the random dice, and not knowing what mini you're going to get really pushes your comfort zone. I've ended up painting models I'd never typically contemplate painting.

I don't see me cancelling my subscription any time soon! Great work team!

Quality Minis

I recently purchased the fantasy random fantasy box.

The minis are extremely detailed and I can't wait to Prime them up and paint them.

I received a Legolas expy, Squall expy and posing Knight maiden

Delivery was extremely fast and I'm really happy with my purchase

Big Value in a Little Box!

I got my mystery box through quickly in the post, and was pleasantly surprised. I must say that I was sceptical about ordering 3D-printed minis, because they can so often arrive in a horrendous state, but at the reduced price (~£10) I thought it was worth the plunge.

I'm very glad I did take the plunge, because I'm extremely impressed with the miniatures. The photo really doesn't do justice just how clean and crisp all the details are -- those are 32mm bases! Of course, there are small support remnants on some of the models, but absolutely no layer lines.

I'll definitely be ordering again to bolster my miniature collection for use in Core Space and Dungeons and Dragons.

Thank you!

Very good but with one little caveat.

I bought the Fantasy Monthly Miniatures, so I pretty much knew what I was getting and was very pleased with 2 of the Miniatures. The 3rd one while is a very nice miniature is a final fantasy type figure. Perhaps its just me or I probably just overlooked something, but I thought all 3 would be more the traditional fantasy type miniatures. To sum up, if you are not worried about getting a FF type Miniatures its well worth getting.

Good stuff

Some pretty cool minis, a Ripley and newt model which I look forward to painting, a curvy lady with the right pistol to become my genestealer cult assassin, but finally the helmetless knight posing in dispair, I did think about him just about to be run over by my screaming bell or plague furnace, but I decided to cut his arms and head off and convert him into a very elaborate and pompous skaven battle standard bearer. I look forward to converting next month's minis!

Amazing Detail and Incredibly Fast Dispatch

The level of detail these miniatures have is unbelievable, very little resin flash to remove and ready for basing and painting after a quick wash; can't wait to see just how they turn out.

Also the speed at which the box was posted is impressive, even reaching me before the email was sent letting me know it was dispatched; and the card sent with the miniatures offering a discount code is a very nice touch, too - would have been nice to see a custom box for the service, but it's what's inside the box itself that's important.

Definitely ready to buy from the service again, would recommend to anyone looking for alternative miniature designs for tabletop games or something to just have a go at painting for fun.


This is a fantastic multi part mini that fits together beautifully.
I just wish my lowly painting skills did it justice.
Another winner from


Really nice mini, great detail and ready to paint straight out of the box. All the way round the attention to detail is great and should be relatively easy to paint. I got this mini as part of a mystery box and what I like about it apart from the quality is I can see it fitting into several games, including taking to the pitch amingst the right team.