Miniature Mystery Boxes

Collection: Miniature Mystery Boxes

Our Miniature Mystery Boxes are one of the most popular parts of the We Print Miniatures website so dive straight in and see what sci-fi and fantasy models arrive through your letter box.

A welcome surprise with an ever changing set of characters for the collector and hobbyist  There's the Family Friendly Box, chosen at random to bring fun to every member of the family, and the Miniatures Mystery Box, which is a fantastic cost effective way of topping up your team.

A range of Miniature Mystery Boxes

All our Mystery Boxes, which include a selection of 500 models are backed by our Love Us Guarantee, and if you are a regular customer and receive a miniature you already have, let us know and we will replace it for free!

If you like the surprise dropping through your letter box then make it a regular thing with a monthly subscription, for one low price. If you're not 100% delighted just let us know so we can put things right.