RN Estudio Miniatures

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Fantasy Miniatures compatible with D&D and other games

Science Fiction miniatures from the galaxy's edge and beyond

Fantasy Football Miniatures compatible with leading rules

Free D&D5E Adventure for your next Dungeons & Dragons night.

Whether you love Fantasy Football or Wasteland Bounty Hunters, there's something for everyone in this top RN Estudio collection from We Print Miniatures. Go large with the Human Fantasy Football Team's 16 strong band and hope to be man or woman of the match, or opt for individuals like Lone Wolf and Irvina Wasteland Bounty Hunters. 

Junk Girl Scrapper and New Faith are two of our most popular Bounty Hunters while there's a great selection of Fantasy Football teams from Human Blitzer to Human Ogre.

RN Estudio Miniatures

One of our particular favourites here at We Print Miniatures is Maw-Face with Trapclaw with his threatening skull and crossbones adornment. We daren't get closer to see what else this character is wearing. Take your life in your hands if you do!

Then there are the Human Linemen, Human Runner, Orc Blocker and Chaos Renegades teams and the collection of fantasy miniatures which include the Undead. It's going to be mayhem on the pitch! Something for everyone! A base is supplied with these fearsome figures. Sci-fi or fantasy or both, it's all here for you.

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.