Cyber Wasteland

Collection: Cyber Wasteland

It's a cold, mean world out there, and none more so when Cyber Wasteland is being patrolled by dodgy defenders with their own agenda. Enjoy what We Print Miniatures has to offer.

Lone Wolf is a female Wasteland Bounty Hunter ready to take your side in battle. She likes to operate in the shadows, a nasty surprise for your enemies. Another gem from RN Estudio. 

Cyberpunk mercenary by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures has a sword as well as a raygun, nothing like hedging your bets! Likely to head straight from the battlefield to the nightclub, she's certainly dressed for it.

For a female model with attitude there's our treasured Junk Girl Scrapper Wasteland Bounty Hunter who looks like a bit of a softie with that teddy hanging from her belt but she's one tough cookie from RN Estudio. 

For weapons new to the battlefield try Complex (C0MPL3X) Cyber Tech Priest with Saw by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures. If your rivals have a confession now is the time for it before they are launched into eternity. 

Patriarch (P47R14RCH) Female Ganger by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures is our choice as a  soldier to have on your side.

Clumpy heels announced the arrival of Brakha Female Assassin, a fantasy character who wields daggers  and the lightest armour we've seen on the battlefield. 

Oblivion (0BL1V10N) The Skeleton Guitarist by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures is an all-round musician, strumming his guitar while doing a jolly dance of death. He's inviting your rivals to join him!

These miniatures are provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by their creators, this is his artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.