Elf Fantasy Miniatures

Collection: Elf Fantasy Miniatures

These Elf Fantasy Miniatures are detailed characters which will be the envy of your friends. They look great in action.

Like nothing you've seen on earth, these sci fi fantasy creatures from We Print Miniatures with beaks, random spikes and long flowing hair are impressive.

Take Feydhil, no hi-tech weapons for this character, it's back to the old bow and arrow for this all-action figure with its long flowing cloak. Pointed ears listening out for the sickening thud which shows that its sharp arrow has hit its target, Feydhil is an essential ally on the game board. After all, what happens if the sci-fi ray guns malfunction?

Elf Fantasy Miniatures

Palling up with Feydhill is the smartly dressed Evendil Gennala. An ancient soldier wielding a couple of fearsome sabres, Evendil Gennala looks fabulous with a coat of paint. Then there's the cutie pie Elf Child, up to fun and tricks, don't say you haven't been warned! These well executed Elf Fantasy Miniatures also have matching bases.