Cyborg Miniatures

Collection: Cyborg Miniatures

There's nothing like a Cyborg Miniature to add drama to your side of the game board and We Print Miniatures think we have some of the best, thanks to Papsikels.

If you want to be a successful law officer you need the best equipment and Battle Cop Cyborg Series 2A Miniature certainly qualifies on those grounds. A smart revolver and all-over body armour complete the picture.

Sometimes newly qualified warriors can get it a bit wrong. Take Scifi Failed Droid Series 2A Miniature who looks as though it has its head in a metal waste paper basket. Unable to see it fires at random, occasionally hitting the target.

We've also got a full set of exterminators like Scifi Failed Droid Series 2A Miniature who has been cobbled together out of left over bits and pieces. Shame there were no legs left though!

For something really bizarre take a look at Scifi Failed Droid Series 2A Miniature. Apparently it's a dog although it seems to be so mongrel so it could be anything really. Watch out for its bite though.