Dwarf Fantasy Miniatures

Collection: Dwarf Fantasy Miniatures

The We Print Miniatures range of Dwarf Fantasy Miniatures make perfect Fantasy Miniatures, these vertically challenged warriors of renown are as hardy as they are determined. Leaving nothing to chance, these are true warriors who are experts on the battlefield. 

Don't let them collect your scalp! The name says it all with these little marvels from the Chaos team. Take 01 Chaos Dwarf Lineman with his beard neatly plaited and topped with a jovial moustache.

Short but heart Dwarf Fantasy Miniatures

These dwarves have a lot of determination and if your enemies don't get the message, they soon will after a boot up the rear from a Chaos Dwarf spiked shoe. Tiny terrors who are crazy effective on the sports field as nobody wants to take them on with their massive horned shoulder pads.

There are also Dwarf Hobgoblins and Dwarf Fantasy Miniatures Pirates in this collection, so buy one, buy them all, the prices are so tempting you could go for the whole set! A nice base is included.