Zombie Miniatures

Collection: Zombie Miniatures

Step into the eeriest corners of fantasy with our Zombie Miniatures Collection. From the silent streets of forgotten towns to the depths of haunted graveyards, the undead rise, longing for the essence of the living.

In this collection, you'll encounter:

  • The recently turned, bearing the fresh scars of their transformation.
  • Decaying warriors, remnants of battles long past.
  • Shambling villagers, lost in the relentless pursuit of the living.

Every miniature is detailed to perfection, capturing the chilling decay and haunting hollows of these undead beings. Ideal for horror-themed games, spine-tingling narratives, or simply to bring a touch of the macabre to your tabletop.

Dare to face the undead and bring your apocalyptic adventures to life with our Zombie collection.