Collection: Science Fiction Miniatures

Science Fiction Miniatures are ready to be flung into the far future warzones of your tabletop. From We Print Miniatures, these are the finest selection you'll find anywhere online.

Chosen for their detail which looks fantastic after you paint them up, these are superb when they're in action on the game board.

Take Devil Wheeler Wasteland Bounty Hunter. This jumble sale of a character had the light off when it got dressed in the morning. Throwing on any old tat, Devil Wheeler is not playing it for laughs, so don't mistake his appearance for an idiot who can't get dressed without numbered clothes.

Next Generation Science Fiction Miniatures

Enemies who have underestimated this character have lived, or should that be died, to regret it.

Then there's COMPL3X Cyber Tech Priest with Saw. Don't trust this individual with your confession, it will blast you into the hereafter before you've lit a candle. But ideal to put the frighteners on your enemies. Supplied with a matching base.