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Unique Fantasy Football Miniatures to add to your existing teams or create a whole new team now featuring Fantasy Football Star player miniatures.

Lots of choice from We Print Miniatures, go for your favourites and wow your rivals with a top-quality paint job. We love Fantasy Football and you can choose from a wide range of characters from Akorne The Squirrel to an Undead Eternals Werewolf or Fantasy Football's star players.

Star Player Fantasy Football Miniatures

Take Orc Blitzer, a thoroughly disreputable individual whose spiked soccer boots will never get past the referee. On the other hand, just looking at the spiked soccer boots may make the referee welcome onto the field without comment unless he wants to risk a painful kick up the backside.

If you want to be on the winning side then Human Blitzer is just the job with his spiked helmet adorned with a cross and pincer-like swords on his hands. Overdressed and underused, Human Blitzer 1 staggers fantasy football miniatures around the pitch longing for halftime. 

Our range of Blood Bowl compatible miniatures allows your teams to take to the pitch with a unique look that's sure to be the envy of your friends and put their mass-produced Fantasy Football Miniatures to shame.