Old School Science Fiction Miniatures

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Collection: Old School Science Fiction Miniatures

28mm Science Fiction Miniatures are ready to be flung into the far future warzones of your tabletop. From We Print Miniatures, these are the finest selection you'll find anywhere online.

Chosen for their detail which looks fantastic after you paint them up, these are superb when they're in action on the game board.

Original Scale Science Fiction Miniatures

Enemies who have underestimated this character have lived, or should that be died, to regret it.

Let's start with Reginald Taylor Scifi Hero Miniature from Bob Naismith Miniatures, a casually dressed warrior with a weapon in each hand. Looks a bit underwhelming but wait until the bullets fly before making up your mind.

One deadly lady created by Bob is Assassin Tsafera Cyberpunk Miniature, on the prowl with a semi automatic weapon she found lying around on her way to the beach. She couldn't find many bullets but thinks she looks good. Who are we to disagree!