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Droid Miniatures are a very popular choice here at We Print Miniatures, and there are lots to choose from so fill your boots.

The Papsikels creation Droid Merchant Cyberpunk Miniature would be at home selling snacks at a movie or trying to tempt your enemies into eating a poisoned lolly.

We hear that Cerberus Dog Miniature Cyberpunk Hound Miniature actually bit its creators hand off before it left Cross Lances. Problem is, all the heads deny the charge so Cerberus is free to roam the underworld in search of another victim, or three.

If you're into law and order then consider Battle Cop Cyborg Series 2A Miniature. This heavily armoured Papsikels Droid is virtually indestuctible, bullets bounce off that shiny armour like peas from a catapult.

Curiosity killed the cat and Fkmsa Perrin Training Drone C Miniature  from Papsikels doesn't like cats, or dogs for that matter, to get too close. Ideal for seeing what the enemy is up to, providing it has ordered replacement batteries, which we think unlikely as it has a tiny brain.