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We've got our own particular favourites, of course, and here are a few of them. At We Print Miniatures we enjoy the models as much as anyone else.

A top choice, for its expression as much as anything else is Star Player Narnick Greyback Miniature who seems to have received some bad news on its phone!

Then there's the superb character of Star Player Benny Bonesaw Miniature who has turned his hand to what was left in the woodshed to create not only himself, but a handy looking saw with which to dismember bodies.

 Star Player Dudmir Minebrew Miniature has got into a bit of a tangle with his weapons, never mind, he might get the hand of it eventually and Benny Bonesaw will be along shortly to shop bits off.

Every team needs a cheerleader and we think she will be on the winning side no matter how the players perform, Nobody is going to challenge her with gnashers like that!