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Resin Miniatures Seconds Box - all faulty or incomplete miniatures
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About This Miniature....

Each box contains a random selection of faulty or imperfect miniatures from our range. These are the minis that went a little wrong, maybe missing a foot or a head or something more drastic. 

Each box is crammed with as many of our failures as possible and provided with no warranty. Sold as unseen the only thing we guarantee is they are all imperfect!

Each box contains around 100G of faulty miniatures or as much as we can cram in the box. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Mr J P Bones

Great value, there's plenty of minis and something useful or salvageable on all of them. Highly recommended for kitbashers

Sam Peters

Very impressed at quality of “second” most are near perfect. Got over 25 models out of box. Will buy again.

Travis Wagar

I love my Seconds Box. I managed to kitbash 20 working models. Yes! 20! A few of the models did not look like they had defects/blemishes at all, but most of them required surgery. But that is fine: I love kitbashing and being able to make something new.


Got a few very nice miniatures out of the box and had enough to practice some slap chop

Peter Hughes

Lots of cool figures that I am hoping to convert and kit bash.

Mike Dice

The seconds box was mind blowing , using a some of the less intact minis i manage to salvage 18 usable minis from the box . I couldn't be happier . I love it so much i tried to win the competition for another . Great product , will buy again

john culshaw

This is supposed to be a box of miniatures that have failed quality control but I’m struggling to find faults on most of them.

Jon Stevens

I recently re started collecting and painting minis again after a 10+ years absence. I realised quickly i needed a bitz box and found this box of "imperfects" but theyre perfect for me.
Many could be salvaged and painted with very little effort but also shows the effort the company goes through to get the best prints sent out.