Cross Lances


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Science Fiction miniatures from the galaxy's edge and beyond

Fantasy Football Miniatures compatible with leading rules

Free D&D5E Adventure for your next Dungeons & Dragons night.

Cross Lances is one of We Print Miniatures most popular collections

Squid Marshall Cross Science Fiction Miniature by Cross Lances from We Print Miniatures is a heroic trooper always at the top of his game. Quick on the draw, and even quicker to riddle your enemies with bullets, this is one must have on the team. 

Insult an Ugly Duckling Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances and you'll probably get both barrels of his handy gun up your rear end! Its webbed feet are no handicap, particularly when it takes to the tub for a session with the bubble bath. 

When things get tough put in a call to Leprechaun chainsaw Star Player Fantasy Football Team character by Cross Lances with his impressive weapon. An evil expression comes as standard. One of our favourites here at We Print Miniatures.

Not how we remember it from the book but here's Alice with a Cleaver, Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances. We don't recall what made Alice run around with a meat cleaver, is she trying to catch something for dinner or has she got something more terrifying in her sights?

Sporting a comic hat is Mad Hatter Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances this is one of our favourite storybook characters. Bring it to life with a fresh paint job and a determined expression. 

For something really terrifying there's Mind Ripper Rogers with a skull adorned belt and nasty talons to shred enemies. Those face tentacles are pretty disgusting, even his mother would agree. 

Leprechaun Fantasy Football Team by Cross Lances  has this a top cheerleader, necking a pint of foaming Guinness, or might it be Murphy's? Jovial, it missed the message about cheerleading on the field and thought it meant it should head straight for the bar. Cheers everyone!

These miniatures are provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by Cross Lances, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home. 

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. 

Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.