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Read The Awakening of Speros - In Stores now

Tom Rhodes, a partner at the Harrogate-based accounting firm Lithgow Perkins (Our Accountant), is showcasing his literary talents with the release of his debut novel, "The Awakening of Speros." An enchanting fantasy story, perfect for teenagers and young adults, marks a significant shift from Tom's daily number-crunching to the realms of magic and adventure.

Tom shares his journey into the world of writing: "Writing has always been a form of escape for me, a delightful contrast to the precise world of accountancy. Crafting 'The Awakening of Speros' has been a thrilling adventure, allowing me to dive into a universe where imagination rules and I create the laws of the land."

"The Awakening of Speros" is the inaugural installment in a captivating trilogy named "The Tale of Taratia." Tom draws inspiration from legendary authors like George RR Martin, Christopher Paolini, and JRR Tolkien. Enhancing the reader's experience is a meticulously crafted map, illustrated by Michelle Wade.

This spellbinding tale is available Amazon as an e-book.

As "The Awakening of Speros" begins its journey into the hearts of readers, Tom is already nearing completion of the sequel's script, eagerly anticipating its publication next year.

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