The Omega Faction Arrives - We Print Miniatures

The Omega Faction Arrives

Get ready for an epic showdown with the latest release from Papsiekels - the Omega Faction! This weekend, the battle intensifies as over 25 engineer-inspired miniatures join the fray, offering a formidable resistance force ready to go toe-to-toe with the menacing Skull Hunters. Each miniature in the Omega Faction is meticulously crafted, showcasing the innovative design and attention to detail Papsiekels is known for.

Whether you're strategizing for your next tabletop war game or expanding your collection with unique and dynamic figures, the Omega Faction brings new hope and excitement to the battlefield. Maybe humanity stands a chance after all! Gear up and join the resistance with Papsiekels' Omega Faction - the future of humanity is in your hands.

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