Cross Lances Miniatures

Collection: Cross Lances Miniatures

One of the most popular choices in our collection, Cross Lances has a superb library of top class fantasy creations, check them out to see what would be a winner on your game board. Keep checking back for new additions.

Don't take his lazy posture for granted as Squid Marshall Cross Science Fiction Miniature by Cross Lances from We Print Miniatures is one helluva soldier and is checking out all and sundry. The slightest unusual movement or bad attitude will see its target riddled with bullets before they have their hands up in surrender. 

Call this fantasy character an Ugly Duckling Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances from We Print Miniatures and you'll likely get both barrels of his shotgun up the backside. Earlier misfortune deprived this fantasy figure of most of its duck like features, but it still waddles around on webbed feet. This duckling wears a permanent disappointed expression while remaining hopeful it will outrun a hunter and bag a few trophies of its own. 

If things on the field aren't going your way, call up the Leprechaun chainsaw Star Player Fantasy Football Team character by Cross Lances with his massive killer weapon. The light glinting off that chainsaw shows that this is a player who is determined to win at all costs. Supplied with a 32mm plastic base and an evil expression.

This is definitely not how it went in the original book! Alice with a Cleaver, Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances from We Print Miniatures has the lovely innocent Alice touting a massive cleaver. Who does Alice have in her sights, and why? What is going on in Wonderland which needs a little girl to take such drastic protection when she visits? Super fantasy miniature.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, or maybe not, if it's being dished out by Mad Hatter Twisted Fairy Tales by Cross Lances with its double or even treble dose spoon. Sporting a jaunty top hat with a leprechaun style band, and baggy pants over stout shoes, this is one of Crossed Lances' most endearing fantasy creations. 

Mind Ripper Rogers is a fearsome fantasy figure by Cross Lances from We Print Miniatures, with a skull adorned belt and clawed talons. A flowing cloak garlanded with a chain and a beard full of disgusting face tentacles complete the look.  A truly unpleasant sight which will put the frighteners on your enemies. 

Every good team needs a cheerleader and Leprechaun Fantasy Football Team by Cross Lances  has this one, holding a pint of foaming Guinness, or could it be Murphy's? Standing on a barrel to get the best view, our pocket sized cheerleader leprechaun is taking the word "cheers" quite literally. A fantasy miniature.

These miniatures are provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by Cross Lances, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.