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Collection: The Printing Goes Ever On Miniatures

Here at We Print Miniatures there's nothing we like more than seeing what our friends have in the pipeline and The Printing Goes Ever On Miniatures are among the best we can source. 

Take Clansman-D Miniature, this is someone you need on your side when the going gets tough, a quick swipe will see off your enemies.

Then there's our stalwart with his bagpipes, Clansman Musician Miniature who will play rousing tunes to get the troops revved up and can switch to a funeral march to put your rivals off their game.

If you want elegance then the Swan Prince is your man, with a beautifully quilted coat and a determined expression, this is definitely one for your display cabinet.

It's not all war and mayhem with The Printing Goes Ever On, either. Take Farm Animal Goat Miniature, this humorous character with a smart set of horns has its eye on your enemies and is likely to give them a bit of a prod up the rear if they're not careful. So if you see someone riding round on the horns of a dilemma, you'll know how it happened!

You can learn a bit from these farm animals too. Take Pig Farm Animal Miniature, did you know that porky pies mean "lies". Throw that one into your next online chat if you want to impress other gamers, This particular pig has escaped being made into sausages thanks to a campaign group called The Pig One. It's currently in hiding in a farmyard somewhere near you.