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About This Miniature....

Sami the Halfling- Shadow of War Miniatures by RN Estudio may be short but this character's got the guts and drive to overcome all obstacles, Wielding a handy sword, their cape swishes as they dart around looking for trouble before it finds them. A sturdy little model but dynamite on the battlefield. From We Print Miniatures, 32mm model on a 32mm base.

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Designed by: RN Estudio



We know how important it is to have your minis looking the part in your collection. Like many BIG companies we measure from the base of the foot to the eyes on a human standing 6ft tall. Note that not all humans are alike and monsters may certainly be bigger than a human! Also don't forget the Halflings no one wants a 6ft Halfling...they would eat us out of house and home!

Customer Reviews

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Richard Atherton

I'd bought a mystery box previously and was impressed with the quality, so when I decided to buy myself a new halfling to be my D&D character, I knew I had to check We Print Minis.
Sami (absolutely not Samwise!) is an excellent sculpt and is really well printed. He also was a lot of fun to paint!
My only grumble is that he's a bit tall for a halfling, but being that he's 32mm scale (I think... Quite a bit bigger than say the GW hobbit miniatures), and as he's for D&D, that doesn't really matter.
Fast delivery time as well. Will definitely be shopping here again

archie riseborough (archie_r)

Great quality and arrived quickly. Would definitely recommend.

Richard Ware

Quality good and as expected, however I ordered the item and paid extra for an express delivery. The item then took a full week to be shipped and arrived a full ten days later.

Bit disappointing when compared to the 2-4 day window advertised on this shipping.

Hi Richard, Sorry about that I've refunded your P&P for this order.