Western Miniatures

Collection: Western Miniatures

Yee-har! Yippee! It's time to make the Wild West even wilder with our great selection of Western Miniatures by the top designers from We Print Miniatures.

Gunslinger Western Cowboy Crossed Pistols by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures is a top shot with the latest weapons with which to blast your enemies into outer space, whether they want to go or not! Dressed as much for fashion as action this is one trendy dude.

Bossing a difficult situation is Gunslinger Western Cowboy Pistols 2 by Onmioji who is equipped with a top brain, ready to sort out trouble in an instant.

Gunslinger Western Cowboy Walking by Onmioji  is strolling around confidently giving out the message that he can deal with any trouble.

Inn Keeper Western Cowboy by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures is not only calm in a crisis but used to booting drunk customers out of his bar so he's on red alert for trouble of any kind. As effective as a team of bouncers, he is a good all-round member of the team.

He might bore the pants off you but Preacher Gunslinger Western Cowboy by Onmioji thinks he has an important message. Preacher Gunslinger is generally on his knees watching the regiment disappear into the distance.

Officer of the Guard by Onmioji looks as though he has just exited the Kremlin. Ready for whatever bad weather brings, he's versatile and inventive when it comes to excuses not to get out to shovel snow.

Everyone wants Orc Commando Heavy Weapon by Onmioji from We Print Miniatures on their side. He's an expert in sending rivals into outer space with his trusty weapon. Has medals by the bucket load.

These 32mm Scale Western Miniatures are as originally designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.