Werewolf Miniatures

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Fantasy with fear, these Werewolf Miniatures from We Print Miniatures are all-action fantasy models and have a menacing appearance, kitted out in the latest defensive gear while inviting your enemies to battle.

Unfriendly foes who are bad losers. Challenge them to a fight and defend your reputation. Nobody has told these characters that they've cheated death, but only just, and they have come back to rule the world as the Undead.

Howling Werewolf Miniatures

A terrifying mane and snout with a swishing tail and sharp claws gives the Undead Eternals Werewolf 1 a menacing appearance. Then there's one character you most definitely do not want to meet on a dark night, or on any other night if we're honest.

Willveris, the night under the blood moon, is so terrifying that he daren't look in the mirror in case he has a heart attack at his appalling appearance. With massive shoulderpads Willveris is on the warpath and the best you can hope for is to be barged out of the way. Matching bases with these figures.