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Vampire Miniatures whirl into action across the game board touting a combination of traditional swords and up to the minute space age laser guns.

A fashionable set of figures dressed in the latest designer gear. But deadly in the right hands. While your enemies think that Mara Vampiress is showing off her nicely manicured red nails after a trip to the beauty salon, they're missing the fact that she is inviting them nearer so she can boot them into eternity will her fashionable boots.

Vampire Miniatures for your tabletop

That's not nail polish, it's blood dripping from her talons. If you want action as well as vampires then Hoarbad Fantasy Miniature is one of We Print Miniatures most popular models, Terrifically detailed, and terrifically frightening, these vampires, supplied with bases, add a touch of drama and fear to your side of the game board.

These are characters which divert the eyes using sorcery and the dark arts so that they can move in for the kill. Just make sure you're the one who owns them!