Twisted Fairy Tales

Collection: Twisted Fairy Tales

Think you know the most famous Twisted Fairy Tales? The new We Print Miniatures range by Cross Lances puts a whole new spin on those fables you know and love.

The witches have pointed hats but are all these fairy tale characters as you remember them? Alice in Wonderland is a gorgeous figure with a pretty gown but will Alice like what she finds in Wonderland? Will it be more nightmare or bad dream than a fairytale with a happy ending?

Twisted Fairy Tales Miniatures

Alice with a meat cleaver is definitely not how We Print Miniatures remembers bedtime fairy tales! Something has upset Alice and she's clearly on the warpath. 

Then there's the gruesome Bear with Knife which is the least comforting teddy bear we've ever seen. A truly fearsome bundle of fur, and that's just you when you're huddled up under the duvet in terror over what is to come. Sticking plasters are probably not enough tonight.  A matching base is supplied with this range of Twisted Fairy Tales.