Sorceress Miniatures

Collection: Sorceress Miniatures

These Sorceress Miniatures have cast their spell on us at We Print Miniatures and we hope you like them as much as we do!

 Check out Amlund Maegon Wizard from RN Estudio. This is the storybook expectation of a wizard. Jaunty wizard's hat, voluminous cloak and crooked staff, Amlund has it all. 

He might be young but our Apprentice Wizard is keen to learn with a tome of spells and friendly face, this is a player with a good attitude. The hard working Apprentice Wizard by Cast N Play from We Print Miniatures has a few tricks in store, stand by for some wizard wheezes.

Gnome Mage, a fantasy miniature by Across The Realms, lights up the game board with a fearsome flaming torch. Usually found leading troops into battle and setting fire to everything in its wake.  

Yuk! Warlock Twisted Fairy Tales, by Cross Lances from We Print Miniatures, is a moggy which needs a trip to the vet to get those nasty gnashers sorted out. Your enemies will invite it to sleep on their bed at their peril, it likes to position its podgy fluffy body over their faces, just to check they are not still breathing. 

The Master Fantasy Miniature by Cast N Play is part wraith, part priest and whatever else you imagine. Has collared the best hat from the wardrobe to prove who is in charge. Are those fingers about to give a blessing or summoning your enemies to their doom?

He's forgotten more spells than he can recall but The Wizard A a Fantasy Miniature by Cast N Play from We Print Miniatures looks the part, dressed in a long coat and carrying a staff with a fortune telling orb. Wizard A travels about, giving readings which may or may not be accurate, depends how much gold crosses his palm. 

This character is in a bad mood...The Wizard C a Fantasy Miniature by Cast N Play is launching his orb and staff into the future after getting into a terrifying rage. Have his spells gone wrong?

If a spell doesn't work you can always chase it up with a sword, as The Wizard E  a Fantasy Miniature by Cast N Play from We Print Miniatures knows. Rivals might be scared of the pulsing orb but they're more likely to be afraid of the handy double edged sword. 

These Sorceress Miniatures are provided in 32mm scale and as originally designed by their creators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.