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As hi-tech as they come, we love these Robot Miniatures.

E 1000 Annihilator A Miniature by Papsikels is a war weary mercenary just waiting for the day he can go from zero to hero. His last encounter with the enemy didn't go too well, but he's got the best weapon in the armoury to make sure he excels this time.

One of our all-time loves here at We Print Miniatures is Cerberus Dog Miniature Cyberpunk hound Miniature, by Cross Lances, a three headed terror which shreds enemies in a jiffy. Just make sure you point it in the right direction, it has an unfortunate reputation of turning on its owner.

Made out of nuts and bolts, and not much else is Ada Female Cyberpunk Robot Miniature by Papsikels who has turned her expertise on the sports pitch to calling the troops back for some r and r. Problem is they are a bit busy so she might need a loud hailer as well.

Looking like something that has been knocked up in a shed overnight is Assassin Galandrix Jade Panther Miniature by Papsikels. The only problem is that its magnetic personality attracts all sorts of junk so it clanks along collecting dustbin lids and paper clips as it goes.