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Collection: Pets & Companion Miniatures

Everyone loves a pet and here at We Print Miniatures we're no exception. Whether it's an Akita crossed with something fluffy and yappy, or a moggy with claws like a tiger, Pets & Companion Miniatures has some top of the range models from world class studios and they might be companions who are not always animals.

Take Kaktulon, a 32mm fantasy miniature by RN Estudio, springing from the scene of a crime with alacrity, or it it just rushing to see what's in the food dish!?

Papsikels have come up with their own version of a pet with 32mm Bingo Cyber Punk Drone Dog, a terrifying combination of the contents of a dustbin and a deranged model maker. This is most definitely one for the display cabinet.

We particularly like the regal canine that is Yorgi the Dog Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels which has temporarily left its basket in the royal household to nip a few ankles while rounding up a sheep or three.

For those for whom a bird in the hand is worth more than a clutch in the tree there's Duck Star Player Miniature Fantasy Football Team by Cross Lances. Not just a feathered companion, Duck Star Player will fire a few warning shots across your rival's board. Just say the word.

Then there's Horse A a Fantasy Miniature by Cast N Play , a trusty warhorse which looks fabulous on your side of the game board. A stylish 32mm miniature on a matching 32mm base. Be the envy of your friends when they see this one painted up.