Pathfinder Miniatures - perfectly compatible

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If you love getting to grips with the paintbrush and challenging yourself to turn out your best creations then Perfect Pathfinder-compatible miniatures compatible with the latest rule sets are for you.

Pathfinder is compatible with 2e providing a rich universe for players to explore through boxes starter assets and expanded rulebooks.

Take Gold Rogue B Pet Companion Miniature by Cast n Play, a lovely dog, part golden retriever and part Labrador. As soppy as they come until someone crosses them, and then watch out.

Another winner is Armillo Doctor B Pet Companion Miniature by Cast n Play. When the going gets a little difficult then every team needs a medic and our Armillo Doctor is one of the best. Just make sure you mark the correct leg to be amputated, he can be a bit cavalier when he's been at the medicinal brandy!

Playing it for laughs is Farrat Archer A Pet Companion Miniature, a Cast n Play creation who is the bane of the troop commander's life and permanently on a charge but this archer doesn't care, it's too busy waiting for last orders at the bar to take any orders from the regiment.

A gem from STL is Undead Boss miniature. Carting around all the gear needed to catapult your rivals into the next world, just when you thought that annoying boss had been sent into eternity, it turns up again!

While we're on the subject of unsavoury characters, Benny Bonesaw arrives on the scene, pleased as Punch with a new piece of kit he's cobbled together from the history books. Steer clear if he drops hints about experiments.

Armies need to march on their stomachs and STL have a fantastic model Food Vendor B miniature who will cater for all your needs in that department. Definitely one to consider.

If you're building up your pet menagerie then Squirrell Pet Companion Miniature by Cast n Play will be a great addition. Fun and cutesy at the same time!


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Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. 

Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.