Mircat Miniatures

Collection: Mircat Miniatures

We love these Mircats. by Cast n Play, they're such fun. Heavily detailed, Merk Explorer A Pet Companion looks puzzled as it peers into the distance. We wonder what's in that massive bag over its shoulder?

There are plenty to choose from in this range, from Explorers, to Merchants and all are lovely to paint up and a delight to see on the game board.

Fun, as well, take the Merk Bare A Pet Companion which can barely remember its name, never mind what it is supposed to be doing.

Endearing and cheerful these are ideal house pets whose sole aim is to please you and put you onto the winning side of the game board.

These Mircats come in a range of scales so there really is something to suit everyone. Thanks to Cast n Play for creating them!