Miniatures of Younger Heroes

Collection: Miniatures of Younger Heroes

Miniatures of Younger Heroes, these characters from We Print Miniatures may be young but they're learning fast. They're perfect for our younger players and offered at a special price to support family game time.

So turn off the wifi and get around the table for a family battle. Take the fantasy Apprentice Wizard who has its nose in a book of spells when it's not concocting a potion on the stove. Interrupted by its mother who wants to cook dinner, sometimes the Apprentice Wizard finds it has accidentally mixed household ingredients from the family larder which mean an uncertain outcome to the magic.

Young Champions Miniatures

Then there's Adrian, a particular favourite of ours who wields a sword nearly as big as this young boss. Unlikely to cause any real damage, as his sword is only rubber, Adrian enjoys helping youngsters find their way around the gaming board.

Unlock the power of these wonderful models to be on the winning side. Nice bases with these models.