Mage Miniatures

Collection: Mage Miniatures

Mage Miniatures are a top seller of ours, and it's easy to see why, the quality is fantastic!

Take Amlund Maegon Wizard by RN Estudio from We Print Miniatures. This is our expectation of an old fashioned wizard. Long cloak, crooked staff and of course, his wizard's hat set perched on his wizened old head. Carries his best spells in a leather satchel for safe keeping. 

Then there's Gormund Dark Wizard, a Shadow of War Miniature by RN Estudio, who is reminding your rivals a couple of spells will wipe them out. A typical storybook wizard with his staff and long beard. You need this character on your side to cast the runes in your favour.

Elisa Doe is all sweetness and light, kitted out in a pretty outfit with her flowing locks neatly tied up. But don't be misled, Elisa Doe is a sassy young lady created by RN Estudio.

Chaotic spells in his kit, Gnome Mage, a fantasy miniature by Across The Realms from We Print Miniatures, is shedding light in dark places. With his best spells under his hat,  Gnome Mage is leading your troops onto the game board.

Goblin Shamen, by Across the Realms, is a friendly model promising riches and victories, as long as you carry out his orders, which you will as he's wielding a massive stave which holds a dead animal or three.

One terrific individual is The Master Fantasy Miniature by Cast N Play from We Print Miniatures. This versatile character is part ghost, part priest and part your creation, although he is most definitely in charge. A fantastic Mage Miniature.

Yuk! A podgy person is Warlock Twisted Fairy Tales, by Cross Lances, a moggy which needs a trip to the veterinarian to get a personalised diet and its gnashers filed down. A ruthless killer when it spots one of your enemies. 

These 32mm Scale Mage Miniatures are as originally designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.