Kobold Miniatures

Collection: Kobold Miniatures

Step into a realm of enigma and magic with our Knols Miniatures Collection. Known throughout the legends as the silent observers of time, the Knols are mysterious beings whose stories are as old as the stars themselves.

This collection unfolds:

  • Wise Knol sages, holding secrets from eons past.
  • Vigilant Knol guardians, protecting the sacred and the arcane.
  • Mystic Knol seers, gazing into the tapestry of fate and time.

Every miniature is crafted with intricate attention to detail, reflecting the deep lore and rich history of the Knols. Perfect for those looking to add a touch of the extraordinary to their games or a mesmerizing piece to their collection.

Dive deep into the mysteries of the universe, and let the Knols guide your adventures beyond the known horizons. 🌑🌟