Goat Miniatures

Collection: Goat Miniatures

These super Goat or Got miniatures are the creation of Cast n Play and they're top class, even if we say so ourselves. We Print Miniatures are thrilled with this collection.

Top of the class is Got Warrior B Pet Companion Miniature, a sturdy little creature wearing a bell around its neck. Looking like an innocent goat, this animal is collecting intelligence wherever it wanders. Equipped with a razor sharp mind and impressive horns to match.

Never lost for words, or even lost, Got Explorer B Pet Companion Miniature has everything needed for a long expedition so if it's climbing mountains or heading into the jungle at night with its handy lamp, you're assured of safe passage.

Meanwhile, another goat is on the scene, this one is Farm Animal Goat Miniature from The Printing Goes Ever On. Rugged and reliable, there is nothing that fazes this wily creature. Just watch out where you leave your sandwiches, our goat is prone to snacking the bread and plastic it comes wrapped in.

Got Bare A Pet Companion Miniature is a bit of a poser but can be relied on when the chips are down, after eating all the chips, of course. A nice one to show off on the game board.