Future War Miniatures

Collection: Future War Miniatures

Somewhere in the future a war rages and these Future War miniatures will be the perfect addition to any warring faction hell-bent on total domination.

Guns are the theme of these Future War models from We Print Miniatures. After all, you're going to be dealing with some nasty individuals on the other side of the game board, and extinction is the only way to get rid of them, hopefully. 

Future War Miniatures blasting onto your tabletop

Take Colemin Abrahan with machine gun, as a good example of what your enemies will be up against. Colemin Abrahan never takes no for an answer and your adversaries will end up agreeing with him, hoping for mercy which may not be forthcoming.

Happy in the jungle or desert, or even on city streets, Colemin has his eyes on the main prize. Not content with a single weapon, Jefry Tann and his grenade launcher are looking for trouble, and will definitely find it, no problem! Like all We Print Miniatures figures, these have bases included.