Frostgrave Compatible Miniatures

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Frostgrave is a tabletop miniatures wargame set in a frozen city filled with magic and monsters. One of the game's most compelling features is its compatibility with a wide range of miniatures. These miniatures are not just visually appealing; they serve as your warband of wizards and warriors, adding a tactile element to the gameplay.

The game offers a skirmish-based experience, where players build their warbands and engage in battles to loot the ancient city. The miniatures are customizable, allowing players to equip them with different spells, weapons, and abilities. Frostgrave has received critical acclaim for its tactical depth and the flexibility it offers in using miniatures, making it a favorite among wargaming enthusiasts.

If you're looking for a miniatures wargame that offers a deep and customizable experience, Frostgrave is a game you won't want to miss.

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Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. 

Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.