Chipmunk Miniatures

Collection: Chipmunk Miniatures

When you need a diversion or cheering up, our cheeky chipmunk range is a great choice. Sunny side up, there's little to rival them.

Take Chip Wizard B Pet Companion Miniature by Cast n Play. This funny little animal is ready for an entertaining time, having grabbed a pirate's hat from the dressing up box.

Then there's Chip Explorer B Pet Companion Miniature, stuffing its face with goodies. This lazybones will need to go on a diet if it carries on this way.

One of our favourites is Chip Bare A Pet Companion Miniature which is as idle as they come, loves nothing more than snuggling down in your bed while snacking on anything it can find. One of Cast n Play's most popular choices, a really lovely little thing.

Chip Bare B Pet Companion Miniature is ready for some fun, so don't disappoint it, an entertaining morning is in store. Just don't pinch all the nuts or you'll be in the dog house!