Chameleon Miniatures

Collection: Chameleon Miniatures

Top of the pops is Chameo Wizard B Pet Companion Miniature, which might be sitting quietly on a rock but believe us, the cogs in its mind are whirring like nothing you've seen before.

Here at We Print Miniatures we love the detail that Cast n Play has created with this model. This one is a real challenge for the painters among us but we think you'll be up for the challenge. Definitely a wizard to covet.

A relative of the wizard is Chameo Bare A Pet Companion Miniature, a cutesy, cutesy little sweetheart that we've fallen in love with. Just look at those beseeching little eyes and tell us you don't feel the same way!

Another challenging model to paint is Chameo Bare B Pet Companion Miniature, holding on to a plant for all its worth, this canny creature will fix your rivals with a critical beady eye, anything to put them off their game. No sooner have you painted it one colour than our chameo will need to be a different one to blend in with its surroundings.