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We're pretty fond of moggies her at We Print Miniatures and we've got lots of choice to please you too.

Take our Wizard Gaton Mage Cat Miniature, from the RN Estudio cattery. A little short sighted but with a nice pair of reading glasses, Gaton is the ideal pet for the small home with a mouse or two for entertainment. Paint it whatever colour you like, we like grey with green eyes but you could go for tiger stripes.

Then there's the offering from Cross Lances, The Cat Twisted Fairy Tales has a cat brandishing a chain saw. What could possibly go wrong? Problem is, if this cat goes rogue you might be facing a few years in jail, minus your arms. Best to keep this one under lock and key!

Back to the fairytale angle with another Cross Lances gem, this time it's Cat Star Player Miniature Fantasy Football Team. We've not seen a football player with a fencing sword before, but hey-ho, nothing surprises us.

Zoontalis has a Cat Rogue which we really like here at We Print Miniatures. Every family has a mogster which goes wild and shreds the curtains from time to time. Running amok with a sword is a new one on us but it will be interesting to see how long this one lasts before it takes a trip to the rainbow bridge, thanks to the vet.