Bird Miniatures

Collection: Bird Miniatures

Every team needs birds for luck, owls to swoop and aigles to show your rivals who is boss. Here at We Print Miniatures we've got a stunning selection for you.

Take our fab Aigle Explorer B Pet Companion, watching out for trouble with a beady eye. Invented before the day of drones this Cast n Play amazing bird doesn't need to be recharged, except with a mouse or two now and then!

Our Owl Companion Pet Miniature is a different sort of pet altogether. Fluffy and friendly, from Cast n Play, this is the sort of bird that will cuddle up to you at night, whispering sweet nothings as it nibbles your ears. 

There's no better way to send messages than by bird post and we've got just the right bird for that.  Aigle Messenger B Pet Companion Miniature can outwit even the most efficient laser weapons to deliver your orders in record time, which is m ore than we can say for Royal Mail!

Unfortunately there's always one in every team! We're talking about Crow Bandit Miniature by Zoontalis which does as it likes, armed with a medieval weapon which is surprisingly effective when it comes to a jab up the rear. This ruthless little devil has rustic charms, or so it tells everyone.