Barry Mcguffin Miniatures

Collection: Barry Mcguffin Miniatures

An eternal favourite here at We Print Miniatures, Barry Mcguffin Miniatures from Papsikels is a gnarled old warrior (not so much of the old - OK Barry) with a history as long as your arm, and not all of it good, unfortunately.

Take Evil Barry Mcguffin Future Killer Miniature and set him on the game board in pole position. His reputation precedes him, as does that handy revolver he is holding. The flying jacket is for a quick getaway although as nobody has thought to book a helicopter he could be grounded for some time yet.

Another well-armed mercenary is Barry Mcguffin Cyborg with Rifle Miniature, wearing tattered pants to show he has been in a war zone, Barry fears nothing and nobody, but is heavily armed, just in case.

An expert in all theatres of conflict, Barry sheds his flying jacket for a bit of jungle warfare Barry Mcguffin Jungle Fighter Miniature. He's also upped his budget and forked out for a sub machine gun to riddle your enemies with bullets. Could be tempted over to the right side if the money was right.