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They don't come much cuddlier than a badger. That's if you ignore the massive claws and sharp teeth, both of which will shred your rivals into tasty chunks.

From Cast n Play we've got Badgg Bare A Pet Companion Miniature which is looking for a new home. Could you be that home? Before you make up your mind take a look at some of the other black and white beauties we've got on sale.

How about one of our favourites, Badgg Thief Companion? This charming pet turns on the waterworks when accused of doing anything wrong, making you feel like a heel for wondering what's in those massive pockets.

Zoontalis loves badgers as much as we do with the Badger Monk Miniature. If you're looking for something feisty and a bit different then Badger Monk is a good choice. It doesn't stand any nonsense and anyone who tries to outwit it is likely to get a bunch of fives in the kisser!

If Badger Monk needs urgent medical treatment, and it has been known aftr a round or two of fisticuffs,  Badgg Apothecary A Pet Companion has a box full of all sorts of chemical goodies, iodine, band aid, you name it, it's all here.