Assassin Miniatures

Collection: Assassin Miniatures

These Assassin Miniatures know how to strike when you least expect it - delivering a killer blow in seconds best watch your back!

One of our favourites of these models from We Print Miniatures, is Garsnitch Ratmen Assassin which takes its killing mission very seriously indeed. If you want to take revenge on a rival, forget the old rubbish about revenge being a dish best eaten cold, Garsnitch knows that revenge is best carried out swiftly, mercilessly and with as much blood and gore as possible.

Backstabbing Assassin Miniatures

The notches in this character's weapon show this is a veteran of many battles and when you need an expert, this is the assassin you want.

Then there's Kazumi Wasteland Bounty Hunter, on the make and take, this character is wearing couture armour, a hat the size of a dustbin lid, and high heeled shoes.

Assassins are plentiful, as long as you have the money to pay them for their dastardly deeds, and access to a getaway car! A nice base goes with these Assassin Miniatures.