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You never really think of an armadillo as being an interactive pet, but here at We Print Miniatures we beg to differ. You've got to really own them to know them.

Take Armillo General B Pet Companion Miniature, a saucy little creation from Cast n Play. We defy you not to be taken in by its friendly nature, this is a friend for life. How long your life will be, we can't predict, but you might have a long time to regret not stocking up with this one.

When things go wrong you need a doctor in the house and  here's Armillo Doctor A Pet Companion Miniature, a bit short sighted, that's true, but those little feet will have it racing to your aid before you can call an ambulance. Just make sure it's treating the right patient.

When the time is right to adopt a new pet, Armillo Bare A Pet Companion Miniature will put its hand up, or it would if it wasn't afraid of falling over. You'll get years of fun out of this lovely animal and when you want to wake it up, just tap on its shell. Easy!

Waiting for orders is Armillo General A Pet Companion Miniature. Until then, it will loaf around on a log pretending its busy. Could do with a few snacks to get it going.