Arcadia Quest Compatible Miniatures

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Arcadia Quest is a competitive, campaign-based game set in a fantastical world filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem. The game is known for its vibrant, chibi-style miniatures that add a unique flair to the traditional fantasy setting. These miniatures are more than just cute; they are integral to the game's mechanics, representing heroes and villains alike.

Players lead guilds of intrepid heroes through a series of quests, battling enemies and each other to achieve specific objectives. The miniatures are not only functional but also highly collectible, with many players taking the time to paint and customize them. The game offers a variety of scenarios and strategies, ensuring that no two games are alike.

If you're a fan of competitive board games and enjoy the added dimension that miniatures bring, Arcadia Quest is a must-try. With multiple expansions that introduce new quests and miniatures, the game offers endless replayability and tactical depth.

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Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. 

Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.