1920's Style Miniatures

Collection: 1920's Style Miniatures

Let's hark back to the past with these 1920s style miniatures. An age of leisure and polite society, well maybe not all that polite if you check out some of the characters we've discovered.

First off is Fooking Mook Fistycuffs Miniature, wearing a Peaky Blinders cap with a weapon sewn neatly inside by his mother / girlfriend, take your pick. Spoiling for a fight, Mook expects to win so he can spend the rest of his night regaling punters with tales of his victory. Unfortunately, a night in the cells awaits.

His brother Fooking Mook Gun Miniature, another Across The Realms Creation, found a gun in the street, well, that's his story and he's sticking to it. Firing wildly, he's got all sorts of contraband in those roomy pockets and he's not showing it to anyone, no siree.