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Miniatures Mystery Box continues in 2021 and now packing three amazing miniatures chosen at random by our highly trained miniatures team.


That means we won't cheap out giving you the stuff no one else wants to buy, every miniature will be a high-quality choice from our core range and always humanoid scale at around 32mm. 


Bought separately the three miniatures would retail for at least £23. Our Miniatures Mystery Box is a fun way to explore new miniatures, refresh your painting pallet or take on a random challenge for your Instagram or twitch audience. 


All of our Mystery Boxes are backed by our Love Us Guarantee, and if you are a regular customer and receive a miniature you already have, let us know and we will replace it for free!


We believe in a no-fuss service that gives you the best miniatures selected by our customers and our own team picking from over 500 incredible models to create the perfect mystery miniature box experience. 


Remember if you are not 100% satisfied let us know we love to put right what once went wrong.... and we do really want to get it right every time but random chance is well random and unlucky. 


Because you asked for it we also offer a monthly subscription to get a box through your door every month for one low low price. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Andy J
Fantastic value for money

I look forward to these boxes arriving every month!

I enjoy collecting the random dice, and not knowing what mini you're going to get really pushes your comfort zone. I've ended up painting models I'd never typically contemplate painting.

I don't see me cancelling my subscription any time soon! Great work team!

Leon-Paul Lynn
Big Value in a Little Box!

I got my mystery box through quickly in the post, and was pleasantly surprised. I must say that I was sceptical about ordering 3D-printed minis, because they can so often arrive in a horrendous state, but at the reduced price (~£10) I thought it was worth the plunge.

I'm very glad I did take the plunge, because I'm extremely impressed with the miniatures. The photo really doesn't do justice just how clean and crisp all the details are -- those are 32mm bases! Of course, there are small support remnants on some of the models, but absolutely no layer lines.

I'll definitely be ordering again to bolster my miniature collection for use in Core Space and Dungeons and Dragons.

Thank you!

Stephen Collyer
Good stuff

Some pretty cool minis, a Ripley and newt model which I look forward to painting, a curvy lady with the right pistol to become my genestealer cult assassin, but finally the helmetless knight posing in dispair, I did think about him just about to be run over by my screaming bell or plague furnace, but I decided to cut his arms and head off and convert him into a very elaborate and pompous skaven battle standard bearer. I look forward to converting next month's minis!

Andrew Hillam
Amazing Detail and Incredibly Fast Dispatch

The level of detail these miniatures have is unbelievable, very little resin flash to remove and ready for basing and painting after a quick wash; can't wait to see just how they turn out.

Also the speed at which the box was posted is impressive, even reaching me before the email was sent letting me know it was dispatched; and the card sent with the miniatures offering a discount code is a very nice touch, too - would have been nice to see a custom box for the service, but it's what's inside the box itself that's important.

Definitely ready to buy from the service again, would recommend to anyone looking for alternative miniature designs for tabletop games or something to just have a go at painting for fun.

Paul Jepp
Latest mystery box

Lovely figures, great detail, minimal tidying up requires and a joy to paint

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