Science Fiction Miniatures

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Science Fiction miniatures from the galaxy's edge and beyond

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Death and destruction all around as our Science Fiction Miniatures by the leading designers from We Print Miniatures take to the game board.

One 'jolly' fellow  (and we use that word advisedly!) is Cyber Skelepunk Vergardo by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures. Double trouble in store as he brandishes a raygun with a blunt dagger which has seen plenty of action. Good to see he's still following the latest hairstyle trends, not to mention snazzy pants.

Some DNA seems to have got mixed up in the creation of the bizarre character GOGOGO Cyberpunk Science Fiction Miniature by Papsikels. Is it a lion or a dog, and it seems to have some medical training as its toting what looks like a medical bag around one of its waists? On the other hand, maybe it's in training to become a priest?

There's a whole army of these bonkers individuals and Dres Crazy Mind Vandal Future War Miniatures by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures tops the list. If there's any crazy stuff going on you'll know that Dres will be somewhere in the midst, swinging that hand held dagger around the crowd.

Also in the Science Fiction Miniatures collection is one of our most popular characters, Barry Mcguffin IronFist Upgrade Miniature by Papsikels, from We Print Miniatures. This ruggedly handsome individual is renowned for his skill on the battlefield, and not only because he's wielding a bionic arm. Charisma, bravery, determination, Barry Mcguffin has got the lot.

Shayla Ali Future War Miniatures action Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels  looks to be more ready for the disco than a battle, given her high heels and minimalist clothing. But be aware, sassy Shayla could be your date with death. Watch out when she starts chatting on her mobile!

Ready for action, Jake Roberts Space marine Science Fiction Miniatures by Papsikels from We Print Miniatures is alert and patiently awaiting your orders. Toting a weapon nearly as big as himself, Jake has a sensible helmet and camera to film his activities. A stern fantasy figure who has just noticed someone he's thinking of exterminating. 

If you think Jimmy Banana Cyberpunk Miniature by Papsikels sounds like a nightclub DJ, think again. This is one of the deadliest characters to come out of the Papsikels armoury in a long while. Sniper or trench warfare, Jimmy Banana enjoys it all. Unsurprisingly, his enemies aren't very keen.

These 32mm Scale Science Fiction Miniatures are as originally designed by their originators, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, from We Print Miniatures, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.