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One of We Print Miniatures top-selling ranges, Cast N Play is up there with the best.  Lots and lots of amazing miniatures, dive in and enjoy!

We supply the model and then you personalise it with your own imagination and skill. Among the best collectors' items, you'll find on the game board. Take the Undead Sand Guardian C.

Not hampered in the least by its tree-stump-like foot, this unsavory character is determined to get its own way with a spiked backpack and handy staff. Get too close and you'll be impaled.

Cast N Play Miniatures

Rarely seen on the team, so with a terrific novel quality, Halfling Workers Buckets is a fed-up individual who realises enjoying a bucket break has nothing to do with a beach holiday and even less to do with a treat before he kicks the bucket. He's weeping buckets, this hardworking chap, tottering along under the weight of the world.

There's half an alphabet of wizards from Cast N Play, collect one, collect the whole set!

Our miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. 

Please wear a mask if sanding or cutting resin miniatures.