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New Reward Points & Rewards

We're thrilled to announce the introduction of our Miniatures Rewards Program, a customer-centric initiative crafted to provide you with more value and benefits for every purchase you make. This is more than just a rewards program - it's our way of expressing our sincere gratitude for your loyalty and patronage.


The program has four VIP tiers, each offering exclusive perks and privileges:


VIP50: For the miniature enthusiast beginning their collection, spend £50 and receive 100 bonus points. It's our welcome gift to you!


VIP100: For those diving deeper into the world of miniatures, spend £100, and not only do you receive 250 bonus points, but you'll also start earning points at an increased rate of 1.1x on every subsequent transaction. Your loyalty starts to pay off!


VIP250: For our committed collectors, when you spend £250, we reward you with a whopping 1000 bonus points, and from then onwards, your points accumulate at an accelerated rate of 1.2x on all future transactions. The benefits just keep getting better!


VIP500: For the miniature connoisseur, spend £500, and prepare to be amazed as we gift you a staggering 3000 bonus points! Plus, enjoy an impressive 1.4x points accumulation rate on every future transaction. It's our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of our community.


But the excitement doesn't stop here! We've worked hard to make sure that you can exchange your hard-earned points for rewards that truly enhance your miniature collection experience:


Free Shipping: Save on delivery costs and get your favorite miniatures delivered to your doorstep, free of charge!


Mystery Boxes: Fancy a surprise? Use your points to receive mystery boxes filled with exciting and unique miniatures.


Limited Edition Miniatures: Stand out from the crowd by adding rare pieces to your collection, like Cyber Dog Bingo, Fairy Tale Cat, The Witch, E800 Miniature, Barry Mcguffin, Amlund, and Battle Cop Cyborg.


Gift Cards: Gift yourself or your loved ones with our versatile gift cards, a perfect treat for any miniature lover.


Discounts: Make your money work harder with our £5 and £10 discount codes, exclusively available to our rewards program members.


What's more, we regularly host Bonus Points events every month. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to boost your points balance and move up the VIP tiers faster.


We sincerely hope that you'll make the most of our Miniatures Rewards Program. Start earning points today, and unlock a world of exclusive rewards and benefits. Remember, every point earned is a step closer to amazing rewards!


Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We can't wait to see you climb up the VIP ladder!



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