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Sir Danniel Miniature
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Sir Danniel Miniature by RN Estudio from We Print Miniatures has an illustrious family history, as he reminds everyone when he pulls on his shield, adorned with a picture of... well... himself, of course. But the chips on the sword show that Sir Dannyboy, as he likes to be known in the mess, is quite a useful soldier.

This miniature is provided in 25,32mm & 28mm scale and as originally designed by RN Estudio, this is their artistic work without addition or alteration, forming a fascinating collection that you can now own at home.

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Designed by: RN Estudio

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Charles

I haven’t ordered that many 3d prints so far but old Danny Boy is the most fragile of the lot so far. That said details are crisp and I’ve had to buy the remaster of his video game this weekend as I’m now inspired to go back and finish that game properly after all these years. Anyone else ordering this chap keep some strong super glue to hand to tack him back together, especially at the waist but I think that comes with a model this delicate.

John Munro

Incredible detailing and not a fault or blemish. Just wish that it included the base to stand on.


Incredible depiction of Medievil's protagonist.


Amazing service

Phil Renton

Great miniture, great details and im looking forward to doing it justice with a decent paint job

Jon Bagshaw

Great Minature! Shield arm had broken in transit but easily fixed.

Andrew Lowther

This Sir Daniel mini is well produced and insanely detailed. Perfect for those who love collecting mini's or as a present to give to someone who does like old, retro game characters.

There were two rough edges that did need a little cleaning before painting, but otherwise, a well produced mini. Would recommend to anyone.